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23 April 2003
~weblog and picture of Dymanse and Emma (from LMM) in gallery.

19 April 2003
~Added a picture of Lisa to the gallery!

17 April 2003
~O-tae--G-book is awesome, and ready for take off, also added forum...and counter, etc. on front page. Reign me in Kos, if need be, I don't want to be a proliferating HTMLer. Too late, I suppose ^_^ Oh, should "Forum" be change to "Interact" or something, and include bios and contact? I'm not sure what to do with navi, or if I should add more, or not.

17 April 2003
~Guestbook in place. Lotsa kinks to work out, but show your love nonetheless? Hello? Anyone? ... Perhaps no ones been here.

15 April 2003
~Some useful links ^_~ and perhaps a blog to come so I won't take up so much space rambling on about updates--which I so love to do.

15 April 2003
~*phew* this takes too long! One more manga page, the story is kinda coming together now. I think I'll take a break from manga-ing and develop the characters--i.e. drawing 'em. The guy's name is "Dymanse" I don't know! ^_^ I just made it up, I kinda like, enjoy. Because regular manga-ing without a pen tablet *yes, that is my excuse =P* is too difficult. Bai~q my babies *giggles*

14 April 2003
~ooh, right. Have not "done" the first page *e heh* with tones and monologue. So, of course it would not make any sense...Hmm. I'll get on that.
~One more page added to LMM (Lara's Mini Manga) I figured out how to use screentones (thas a first! ^_^) and am assembling a plot together. Hopefully. I like this one.

12 April 2003
~Lara must have own manga too! ^_^ Forgive me for artistic crustiness, this must be overcome =P too bad for the viewer, but Lara must try her hand at Greatness as well.

7 April 2003
~more pictures via Kosaru-- 2 of Nino, one of Viggo and Orlando

7 April 2003
~picture of Lara, via Lara.

6 April 2003
~pastfrogg here! ^_^ One picture of sexee Billie added to gallery. Any requests? ^_~ Am working on CGs of him, next.

31 March 2003
~Four pages added to Wings
~Two illustrations of Billie added to the Gallery

30 March 2003
~VICE studios goes online!

~Sample page on display in Manga section